10 Steps To Creating Great Job Adverts

Do you want to ensure your job adverts are consistently high quality and bias-free? Do you want to create job adverts that make an impact?

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Great candidates are hard to come by, which means that how you write your job advert has a huge impact on the candidates you can attract.

At any point in time there are over 1 billion job adverts posted online.

Research has shown that candidates spend less than six seconds reviewing jobs adverts. Writing a job advert to attract talented candidates to your roles is like writing a sales document to attract customers to your product.You have 6 seconds where candidates will either chose to read on or move on to the next posting. So it’s worth investing a bit of time upfront to design and write a job advert that has an impact.

10 steps to creating a great job advert

At RoleMapper, helping users design jobs with impact is our core business. We have consolidated millions of data points along with a vast body of empirical research to bring you the 10 key steps to creating a great job advert:

STEP 1: Create a job advert not a job description

STEP 2: Use structure to guide the reader

STEP 3: Think carefully about your job title

STEP 4: Sell the job and the opportunity

STEP 5: Describe your company and your working environment

STEP 6: Summarise the key responsibilities

STEP 7: List out your requirements, but think carefully about what you ask for

STEP 8: Provide details on the location & Flexible Working options

STEP 9: Describe the benefits candidates will get when joining you

STEP 10: Keep your writing simple and inclusive

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Need help creating inclusive job adverts? Our job advert toolkit gives you everything you need:

- A guide to creating great job adverts
- Job advert template

What's the difference between a job advert and a job description?

Why RoleMapper?

We’re a team of experts from all areas of the HR, talent, diversity and HR Tech space. We understand the challenges organisations face when it comes to managing data and job documentation.

Through intelligent job design, delivered through the RoleMapper platform, we help organisations take control of the document and data chaos, while building inclusive workplaces.