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Four-Day Week

Support for a four-day working week was gaining momentum before the pandemic. However, recent events have put flexible working front and centre of every major company’s thinking.

But what does the term four-day week actually mean?

More often than not, it presents itself as different things to different people.

Our latest guide is a deep-dive into the five key steps for any organisation wanting to introduce a four-day week:

STEP 1: Define the Case for Change
STEP 2: Clarify your Definitions
STEP 3: Track and Measure Impact
STEP 4: Decide on an Implementation approach
STEP 5: Take a long-term view with systemic role design

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Food for thought


80% of all job descriptions are created in Word: a manual and paper-based process.


1000 managers will create 1000 versions of job descriptions. There's little to no consistency.


50% of all job descriptions are out-of-date and there's is no control over how jobs are designed.

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