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We are a driven and focused team that thrives on a challenge! We’re collaborative, inclusive  and believe in the collective power of a team to get results. 

But we’re not all about work. At RoleMapper, we believe downtime is key. From Breathe  Week, where we regroup and recharge, treasure hunts in central London to glamping in the  sticks and all things in-between.

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RoleMapper’s core values

Customer Focus

delivering value and reducing complexity 


supporting and recognising everybody’s contribution

Openness & Honesty

we are open, honest and straight-talking

Authenticity & Humility

we bring our whole selves to work

Life at RoleMapper 

We are a friendly, welcoming and inclusive company. We work at pace, but we also have a  laugh and take wellbeing seriously. Our Breathe week serves as a refresh and reboot for the  whole team.

We also offer a whole host of benefits to support health, wellbeing and the environment.  From gym and fitness benefits to EV schemes and healthcare, we believe in taking care of all  our people.
For anybody interested in joining us, having a start-up mindset is key at RoleMapper. We are  proactive, always positive and react very quickly to change. We always go beyond the brief  and stay focused on continuous improvement. 
The building blocks of your workforce strategy.

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