AI-Powered Intelligent Job Design

Build inclusion at the core

Automate and transform how you design and manage job descriptions across your organisation. Hire, retain and grow an inclusive and diverse workforce with AI-powered Intelligent Job Design.

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Centralise and connect all your data

Get a 360 view of all your job data and documentation. No more document silos, version control challenges or fragmented processes.

Transform how you design, hire, retain and grow a diverse global workforce with intelligent job design.

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Debias your job descriptions

Ensure consistency and inclusive best practice techniques are applied across all your job descriptions.

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The Platform

RoleMapper calms the chaos and puts you in control of all your job design, recruitment and compliance activity.     Standardise your entire job catalogue, from job architecture to assessment. Design inclusive and flexible roles that optimise talent and diversity, automate and reduce job description creation from hours to just minutes.

5 minutes

5 minutes to create a job description


Increase in diverse candidates


Consistent job design


Centralised job catalogue

Intelligent job design sits at the heart of your ability to attract, retain and progress talent across your organisation.

Built with inclusion at its core RoleMapper’s embedded inclusion flags, gender decoders and flexible work design functionality means you can scale and operationalise D&I and future work strategies.

Customers have already seen an 80% increase in diverse applications and a 34% increase in female applications, globally.

Why RoleMapper?

We’re a team of experts from all areas of the HR, talent, diversity and HR Tech space. We understand the challenges organisations face when it comes to managing data and job documentation.

Through intelligent job design, our goal is to help you take control of the document and data chaos, while building inclusive workplaces.

What our customers say

“There are apps on the market that provide copywriting tools – but these are just putting a band-aid onto the problem. RoleMapper takes it right back and solves the root of the problem.”

- RoleMapper Customer

Six steps to debiasing job descriptions

Creating inclusive job descriptions that result in a motivated, inspired and diverse workforce is so much more than re-working language and copy.

It is a sequence of key steps in the job design process that enables you to create job descriptions that truly make an impact.

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