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The building blocks of your workforce strategy

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Harness the power of your jobs

Jobs sit at the heart of your organisation, 
powering critical people strategies.

Building a skills-based organisation that enables efficient workforce planning
Implementing new HR Tech and creating process efficiency
Ensuring inclusive talent acquisition and management practices
Minimising the risk associated with lack of governance and non-compliance
Managing organisational change and evolution
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Maximise the ROI on your business and people strategy

Relieve the time burden. Fast-track your people strategies.

Reduce time spent on updating jobs by up to
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Maximise the ROI on your business and people strategy

Relieve the time burden on your HR, Reward and Recruitment teams, to drive your business forward.

Reduce time spent on updating jobs by up to
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Control the Chaos with RoleMapper AI

Empower your people teams and processes by getting your house in order with RoleMapper's AI-powered modular platform

Point One

Automate the management of your job family architecture

  • Use RoleMapper’s AI to design, consolidate, rationalise and modernise your job architecture, job titling and job family structures.
  • Create simplicity, consistency and transparency to support your compensation strategies and compliance requirements.
Point 2

Improve and standardise the quality and inclusivity of your job descriptions

  • Create and manage standardised, de-biased job descriptions with intelligent templates using advance Natural Language Processing.
  • Customise your workflows, automate the job description creation and streamline the job evaluation process.
Point 3
Manage and maintain pay grading, pay transparency and job levelling
  • Control how job descriptions are created, reviewed and approvedEasily compare jobs to assess equal work for equal pay.
  • Create standardised job templates with locked sections for quality control and compliance, and easily manage any updates at scale.
Point 4

Surface your skills and competencies to enable a skills-based organisation 

  • Capture, map and manage skills and competency data across your organisation.
  • Use RoleMapper’s AI to consolidate and standardise your job descriptions to enable the shift towards a skills-based organisation.

Design career pathways and a flexible workforce

  • Access a centralised, digitised, accurate job description library to support learning and development pathways, and capability mapping.
  • Capture and centralise the skills requirements across your jobs, identify gaps and power a truly flexible workforce.

Ensure and easily manage various compliance requirements

  • Easily access job descriptions and job data for compliance reportingRetain a central archive and audit trail to support employee reviews.
  • Automate pay transparency, pay equity analysis, reporting and compliance requirements by region.
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The first step to gaining control of your jobs is ‘getting your house in order’

RoleMapper's AI-driven, modular solution will ease the pain of creating, managing and updating your job architecture and job catalogue.

Access to millions of jobs and skills across multiple industries
Automate the end-to-end creation and management of your jobs and job architecture as your organisation evolves
Intelligent job content creation powered by proprietary Machine Learning
Real-time job intelligence to power compliant workforce planning

Talk to our team of solution experts to identify where you are in your journey to create the foundations of your workforce strategy.

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The building blocks of your workforce strategy.

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