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RoleMapper is a platform to design and manage inclusive jobs that unlock talent and diversity



Retain and progress top talent

Increase diversity by 125%+

Increase employee engagement

Save £$Ms in recruitment and retention costs

Create consistent, inclusive job descriptions

Design flexibility into all jobs and teams

De-bias job documentation and processes

Centralise, view and analyse all jobs and skills


  • Simple automated workflows

  • Embedded inclusion flags

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Sophisticated job flexibility algorithm

  • Inclusive copywriting tools

  • Interactive database

  • Dashboard and analytics

  • Cloud-based modules

  • Enterprise training modules

  • SSO and HRIS/ATS integration options





Ensure all jobs are designed inclusively, with flexibility, to optimise talent and diversity. Implement a consistent approach across the entire organisation. Use one platform to design, manage and connect all your job processes and documentation: profiles, descriptions, adverts, assessments and skills. Easily optimise your entire global job catalogue.

Implement through 6 core modules:



Design inclusive job descriptions that support retention, progression and recruitment of talent and diversity. Create global consistency. Easily integrate best practice techniques into every job description. Ensure all your jobs reflect the reality on the ground.



Create inclusive job adverts that increase quality and diversity of applications. Ensure consistency and best practice techniques for every job posting. Standardise, yet easily customise your brand messaging for every posting. Integrate into your daily recruitment process and ATS systems.



Help de-bias your interview process with inclusive interview guides for every role. Have absolute clarity and consistency on skills, competencies and experiences required for each role. Provide managers with a structured approach that helps predict best performance on the job.


Design flexible working patterns into all your jobs and teams. Understand the flexible working patterns that work for individual roles & teams, and the ones that do not. Operationalise your flexible working policies, shift mindsets and culture.


Capture and analyse key competencies, skills and experience required across every role. View core and common skills across jobs and teams. Ensure global consistency. Support internal mobility, re-structuring, and career planning.



Access consistent job data across the entire organisation.  Quickly view your high-impact jobs. Analyse job design impact on retention, progression, recruitment and diversity. Benchmark job performance across roles, teams, business areas and regions. Make effective people management decisions.

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