AI-Powered Job Description Management

The building blocks of your workforce strategy

Future proof your job architecture, job catalog,
job descriptions, job adverts

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Harmonise your jobs

Utilise AI to harmonise your job architecture, titles and job description documents

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Embed Inclusion

De-bias and design inclusion into all your roles.

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Standardise & future proof

Create standardised, quality, fit-for-purpose jobs with speed and accuracy.

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Manage pay equity & compliance

Automate governance, compliance and transparency across your organisation.

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Control the Chaos. Harness the power of your jobs

RoleMapper controls the chaos, streamlines processes and allows you to harness the power of your jobs. Design and dynamically manage future-focused job architecture and job descriptions, the building blocks of your workforce strategy.

Jobs sit at the heart of your organisation, powering a number of strategic, long-term business and people objectives.

Reduce time
& cost

your jobs

Future-proof your job architecture

Ensure quality
& compliance

Automate the management of your job family architecture

Use RoleMapper’s AI to design, consolidate, rationalise & modernise your job architecture, job titling & job family structures. Create simplicity, consistency and transparency to support your compensation strategies and compliance requirements

Improve and standardise the quality and inclusivity of your job descriptions

Create and manage standardised job descriptions with digital, intelligent templates using advanced Natural Language Processing. Use RoleMapper's AI to consolidate, standardise, rationalise, modernise and de-bias your job descriptions.

Automate and streamline your job description and advert processes

Fast-track content creation with RoleMapper's AI-powered job content engine. Customise your workflows, automate and save time on creating job descriptions and filling out your job evaluation scoping questionnaire. Create inclusive, bias-free job adverts in one click and translate into 65+ languages.

Manage and govern your jobs as you change and evolve

Control how job documents are created, reviewed and approved. Create standardised job templates with locked sections for quality and compliance, and easily manage any updates at scale. Easily compare job descriptions to assess equal work for equal pay.

What our customers say

“There are apps on the market that provide copywriting tools – but these are just putting a band-aid onto the problem. RoleMapper takes it right back and solves the root of the problem.”

- RoleMapper Customer

RoleMapper's Guide to Job Architecture

This guide offers practical insights and recommendations for HR professionals to design and maintain an effective organisational architecture.

You will learn:

  • The importance of a future-proofed and dynamic job architecture
  • Its benefits and the key steps to creation and implementation
  • The need for a job architecture to support job catalogue, job families and job levelling
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