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OFCCP Compliance with RoleMapper

RoleMapper helps you easily manage OFCCP audits and ongoing compliance.
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Compliance failings cost US businesses over $200 million in fines.

For any organization working with U.S. federal government, compliance with OFCCP guidelines around workforce and hiring practices is essential.

How you design, manage and report on the inclusivity of your jobs has a huge impact on ensuring OFCCP compliance. If you are not prepared, it can cost you millions in unnecessary time and resources.

RoleMapper puts you in control of the process, helping you easily manage OFCCP audits and ongoing compliance. Our modules help you meet each criteria quickly, ensuring inclusive hiring and ongoing governance.
RoleMapper helps you easily manage OFCCP audits and ongoing compliance:

  • Centralized storage and quick access to up-to-date job descriptions for desk audits
  • Easy reporting on job family and job description diversity profile and pay
  • Integrated workflows to keep job descriptions updated and relevant
  • Inclusive requirements checker integrates a systematic review of qualifications, for every job
  • Automated interview templates ensure candidate selection is based on valid job qualifications
  • Language debiaser ensures all job descriptions are gender neutral and free from discrimination
  • Flexible content management helps easily manage OFCCP and local legislative statements compliance
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