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Transform and Dynamically Manage your Jobs

AI-Powered Modular Platform

The first step to gaining control of your jobs is ‘getting your house in order’

RoleMapper's AI-driven, modular solution will ease the pain of creating, managing and updating your job architecture and job catalogue.

Access to millions of jobs and skills across multiple industries
Automate the end-to-end creation and management of your jobs and job architecture as your organisation evolves
Intelligent job content creation powered by proprietary Machine Learning
Real-time job intelligence to power compliant workforce planning

Talk to our team of solution experts to identify where you are in your journey to create the foundations of your workforce strategy.

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Transform your job data

RoleMapper's AI-driven, modular solution will ease the pain of creating, managing and updating your job architecture and job catalogue.

Job Ecosystem Diagnostic

Our 6 week diagnostic will help you understand the current state of the end-to-end processes for your jobs and identify opportunities for transformation, automation, cost reduction, inclusion and skills-based hiring.

Our in-house experts will design a future state design for your optimal job ecosystem and processes, and provide you with baseline data for a business case that supports the need for transformation and digitisation, while showcasing the ability to move towards a skills-based organisation.

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Job Harmonisation & Transformation

Transform your job architecture and job catalogue with RoleMapper's proprietary AI and our team of in-house experts.

  • Digitise and consolidate your job titles into a robust, centralised job architecture framework
  • Harmonise and rationalise your job titles, job families and job levels
  • Optimise your job documents for quality and inclusivity
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Job Description Review Automation
Improve the quality of your existing job descriptions in just a few clicks, ensuring inclusivity and compliance.
  • Access an extensive library of job content to uplift your job descriptions
  • Use our workflow and collaboration tools with customised permissions for your users to review and approve job descriptions
  • Automate the scoping of jobs to sync into your job evaluation tool
  • Assess the impact of flexible working arrangements using our FELIX algorithm
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Job Advert Creation Management

Automate the creation of inclusive, de-biased job adverts from your job descriptions.

  • Create job adverts in just one click
  • De-bias your job adverts using RoleMapper's proprietary inclusion scoring
  • Use your job advert to generate automated screening or job interview templates
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Dynamic Job Description Management

Create, manage and maintain your digitised, centralised job repository on the RoleMapper platform.

  • Access RoleMapper's dynamic, AI-powered library of job content for best-in-class, crowd-sourced job description content
  • Govern and manage new job creation with customised permissions and workflows
  • Update job content at scale by making changes to your intelligent documents and templates
  • Manage your ongoing compliance and workforce planning requirements with our advanced audit-trail, reporting and insights dashboards
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Dynamic Job Architecture Management

Use RoleMapper to update and maintain your job architecture with speed and agility.

  • Map employees to job descriptions and extract skills
  • Manage job grades and levels
  • Map compensation to align with your pay transparency requirements
  • Benchmark against market job titles, skills and responsibilities
  • Easily compare your job descriptions for any discrepancies in pay, and manage pay equity reporting
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The building blocks of your workforce strategy.

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