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Inclusive Job Descriptions

Do you want high quality, bias-free job description templates, every time? Do you want to create job descriptions that make an impact?

RoleMapper is an AI-powered job description tool that helps you create high quality, inclusive job descriptions in a matter of minutes.

Inclusive job descriptions that work.

Automate and transform how you design and manage job descriptions across your organisation.
Hire, retain and grow an inclusive and diverse workforce with RoleMapper.

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Do you want to debias your recruitment process? Do you want your recruiters to create job descriptions that increase hiring quality and diversity?

Debias and create inclusive job descriptions. Integrate best practice design that increases hiring quality and diversity. Fast-track content creation with AI-powered augmented writing. Easily customise for regional and compliance variations.

Managers and HR
Do your managers still create job descriptions manually, using word documents? Is it a real pain reviewing over email and tracked changes? Is it challenging to encourage managers to think about diversity and design jobs inclusively?

Help managers create best-practice job descriptions in a matter of minutes. Ensure managers design jobs with inclusion at the core. Allow managers to easily collaborate and share. Integrate your skills and competencies.
The difference between a job description and job advert

We explain the differences across the whole job description process; from job design to job adverts.


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