Debias your job descriptions with RoleMapper

RoleMapper ensures consistency and best practice techniques are applied across all your job descriptions for inclusive hiring and a diverse workforce.

Download Our Guide To Debiasing JOb Descriptions

Is it a challenge to encourage managers to design jobs inclusively? Do you want to debias your recruitment process?

RoleMapper enables organisations to design, debias, automate and scale inclusive job profiles, job descriptions, job adverts and assessments.

With AI-powered augmented writing, you can fast-track content creation and integrate best practice design that increases hiring quality and improves diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Organisations are also able to track and manage effectiveness through data-led insights and a range of reporting features.

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Why RoleMapper?

We’re a team of experts from all areas of the HR, talent, diversity and HR Tech space. We understand the challenges organisations face when it comes to managing data and job documentation.

Through intelligent job design, delivered through the RoleMapper platform, we help organisations take control of the document and data chaos, while building inclusive workplaces. 

Download Six Steps To Debiasing Job Descriptions

Six steps to debiasing job descriptions cover image

Creating inclusive job descriptions that result in a motivated, inspired and diverse workforce is so much more than re-working language and copy.

It is a sequence of key steps in the job design process that enables you to create job descriptions that truly make an impact.