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Create a diverse workforce with RoleMapper

Creating a more diverse organisation doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process, which, done well, can be transformative... and the key is to break bias with inclusive job design.
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Jobs sit at the heart of our ability to build inclusive workplaces.

But the challenge is that the job-creation process is manual and decentralised, making it difficult to ensure everyone considers diversity and inclusion every time they create a job.

RoleMapper is an AI-driven platform that automates and centralises the job-creation process. It enables organisations to design, debias, automate and scale inclusive job profiles, job descriptions, job adverts and assessments. Designed with inclusion at the core, RoleMapper ensures everyone in your organisations creates jobs that optimise talent and diversity.

Customers using the platform have seen:

  • A 125% increase in female hires
  • 50% ethnic hiring ratios (in the US)
  • 100% standardisation across job descriptions
  • Debiased recruitment process with embedded systemic change
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