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The problems we solve

RoleMapper helps Councils take control of the job data chaos.

Jobs and how jobs are designed form a foundational pillar to enabling organisational transformation and workforce flexibility.
However, for so many councils, current working practices and the way work, jobs and skills are designed and managed, are hindering the ability to make significant progress.

The problems we solve

The getting your ‘house in order’ problem

The need to get your house in order is a critical first step for a host of reasons.  Based on our experience with councils, you may also be focussed on tackling some of these areas.

We work with councils to:

  • Rapidly digitise, standardise and cleanse all existing job descriptions  
  • Create a centralised, intelligent database to efficiently manage, standardise, and govern job descriptions  
  • Fast-track job description creation using AI-powered content writing features, ensuring consistency, quality, and accuracy  
  • Build inclusion into all job descriptions  
  • Govern, manage and report on the job data across the entire council 
  • Have increased visibility of equal pay for equal work to reduce risk of pay equity claims
  • Rapidly generate best practice, inclusive job adverts to support efficient, inclusive recruitment

If your job data is in chaos, you’re not alone

With change and growth, it’s very easy for job data, job titling and job descriptions to spiral out of control.

The Job Management Problem

Controlling the chaos is not a ‘one and done’ approach. It’s about staying in control and managing job data, long term.

Our three core modules to support ongoing job management:

Getting to know RoleMapper

We have recordings of our webinars and demos available for you to view and share internally. You can access recordings here. You can also sign up for upcoming events here.

Want to learn more about how RoleMapper helps councils controls the chaos? Our resources support change across your organisation.

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