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RoleMapper launches new Harmonisation and Optimisation Service

RoleMapper Team
March 31, 2023

For many organisations, getting their job architecture and job catalogue ‘house’ in order is a manual, slow and expensive process. The same applies to creating inclusive, compliant and de-biased job descriptions.


However, the speed at which hiring strategies are changing, and with legislation increasing around pay transparency and pay equity, organisations are at risk of falling behind, not to mention non-compliance, due to outdated job structures and job descriptions.


To help organisations overcome these challenges, RoleMapper has launched three new services:


Using proprietary AI, with input from our team of experts, RoleMapper’s new services aim to rapidly reduce the cost and time it takes to consolidate and update your job architecture and job catalogue, as well as create best-in-class job postings that are fully inclusive, compliant and fit-for-purpose.


RoleMapper Founder and CEO, Sara Hill says: "Our Harmonisation, Transformation and Optimisation Services are simple and straightforward. You give us your job data as it is and we’ll give you a simplified, centralised, job architecture and job catalogue. Or, if you’re focused purely on job descriptions, fully compliant and de-biased job postings."


Using proprietary AI, RoleMapper’s Job Architecture & Job Catalogue Transformation Service will:

  • Digitise and consolidate your job titles (from all sources) into a robust, future-focused, job architecture framework
  • Harmonise and rationalise job titles, families, and levels
  • Optimise your job documents for quality and inclusivity
  • Standardise job documents into customised templates


Using proprietary AI, RoleMapper’s Standardisation & De-biasing Service will:

  • Digitise and consolidate your job documents into standardised templates 
  • Harmonise and rationalise your job postings 
  • Optimise your job postings for quality, inclusivity and SEO 


Continues Hill: "We’ve had repeated requests from customers to use RoleMapper to help fast track their job architecture and job catalogue clean-up and harmonisation projects. We’ve listened to the market and we’ve responded with the launch of our job Harmonisation, Transformation and Optimisation services.

We’ve seen so many strategic business or people initiatives fall at the first hurdle, mainly due to a lack of accuracy of data or the poor health of their job architecture and job descriptions. Why? Because typical manual processes are time-consuming and prone to error. Our service aims to completely remove those hurdles."


RoleMapper’s services are available now. To find out more, download our product brochures or talk to one of our Harmonisation and Optimisation experts.

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