The RoleMapper Platform

Transforming Job Descriptions

Automate and transform how you design and manage job descriptions across your organisation. Hire, retain and grow an inclusive and diverse workforce with AI-powered Intelligent Job Design.

Intelligent Job Design

Intelligent job design sits at the heart of your ability to attract, retain and progress talent across your organisation.

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Inclusive Job Adverts

Do you want to ensure your job adverts are consistently high quality and bias-free?

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Jobs sit at the heart of your ability to attract, retain, progress and manage talent.  How do you manage yours?

Take control of the chaos! Automate and connect the creation, editing and management of your job documents: job profiles, job descriptions, job adverts and job assessments. Debias and design inclusion at the core. Centralise your job data to ensure consistency, gain valuable insights and operationalise your skills and future work agenda at scale.

RoleMapper is a modular platform. You can automate your end-to-end process or transform one area at a time.

Managers & HR

Do your managers still create job descriptions manually, using word documents? Is it a real pain reviewing over email and tracked changes? Is it challenging to encourage managers to think about diversity and design jobs inclusively?

Help managers create best-practice job descriptions in a matter of minutes. Ensure managers design jobs with inclusion at the core. Allow managers to easily collaborate and share. Integrate your skills and competencies.

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Talent & Reward

Do you struggle to update and manage your job architecture and profiles on your HR system? Is making changes a manual process? Do your teams consider inclusion when designing roles and career paths?

Transform spreadsheets or static system data into dynamic content. Design jobs with inclusion at the core. Integrate your skills and competencies. Easily make changes to skill and future work design at scale.

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The Future of Work

Are you looking to operationalise your future of work and skills agenda? Do you want to assess, design or implement work flexibility into your jobs? Do you need a mechanism to implement your future skills at scale?

Assess work flexibility for every role and team. Integrate your new ways of working flex, hybrid, hub or remote working, at scale - fast. Embed your future skills requirements into roles.

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Do you need to ensure your job descriptions and processes are OFCCP compliant? Is managing job description compliance a manual process?  

Ensure your job descriptions are compliant and candidates are assessed on valid job qualifications. Manage compliance statements and regional legislative variations. Easily produce job family diversity reporting. Quickly access job descriptions for compliance audits.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Are you looking to design inclusion into your people processes? Do you want to ensure all jobs in your organisation are designed inclusively?  

Ensure all jobs are designed with inclusion at the core be that for internal mobility, succession planning or external hiring. Manage the D&I maturity of your organisation with our customisable inclusion levers.  Integrate inclusion nudges into your job creation process.

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Do you want to debias your recruitment process? Do you want your recruiters to create job descriptions that increase hiring quality and diversity?

Debias and create inclusive job descriptions. Integrate best practice design that increases hiring quality and diversity. Fast-track content creation with AI-powered augmented writing. Easily customise for regional and compliance variations.

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Are you scaling up the number of jobs in your organisation? Do you need to control the chaos of how job descriptions are created?

Automate your job creation and management process. Standardise and centralise how job descriptions are created quickly and seamlessly. Ensure all jobs are designed to optimise talent and diversity. Manage your job catalogue and make changes at scale.

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Connected Technology Foundation
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Unique to RoleMapper is our connected technology which allows to connect all your job documents and data: job architecture, job profiles, skills, job descriptions, job adverts. Anchor all your job documents to your job architecture, allowing for much more effective management of your entire job architecture and catalogue. Ensure consistency and standardisation of skills and content across all your job creation processes.

Flex Work Design
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Operationalise work flexibility into every job. FELIX, our proprietary flex work algorithm, automates bias-free assessments of work design to determine the feasibility of flexible working patterns that will work for all your roles. Use FELIX to help you both design job flexibility for each specific job and operationalise your future of work strategies.

Intelligent documents
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Your job description documents are what we describe as intelligent documents. They are vehicles for data - every part of your job document is a specific data point.  This allows you to easily extract, share, connect, change, standardise and report on data and content across all your jobs.

Inclusive Job Design
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Functionality that is entirely unique to RoleMapper is our inclusive job design technology. Proprietary algorithms, sophisticated workflows and bias flags ensure that wherever you come into the platform - all jobs, across your organisation, are designed inclusively to optimise talent and diversity.

AI-Powered Content Engine
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Accelerate job description content creation through natural language processing and machine learning.

Augmented Writing
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RoleMapper’s AI-powered content engine allows users to create job descriptions in a matter of minutes. Gone are the days of not knowing where to start or struggling to write that perfect sentence. Natural language processing and machine learning fast tracks the writing process, providing relevant content instantaneously.

Sophisticated Job Library
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The RoleMapper’s interactive jobs database provides a central location to manage, connect, analyse all your jobs​. Align all job documentation to your job architecture and organisational hierarchies. Our proprietary machine learning allows you to upload your existing job descriptions whatever the format (Word, Excel, PDF) and transforms them into structured, templated, intelligent documents.

Workflows and Collaboration
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Gone are the days of email and track changes! Our built-in workflows and collaboration tools allow users to share and collaborate on job description creation, editing and approvals. Keep your job descriptions up to date, manage scope screep, ensure all your jobs reflect the reality of the jobs you have on the ground.

RoleMapper centralises and connects job data from across the organisation​.

Dynamic Content Management
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Centralise, standardise and manage all your job content. Easily update your job architecture, skills and job content across all job documents. Make changes at scale at the touch of a button. Make rapid global updates that align with business changes, re-orgs, regional variations or regional legal requirements.

Dashboard and Insights
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Dashboards give you a 360 degree view of all of your jobs and skills across your entire business. Integrate your workforce, hiring and pay data to benchmark and gain valuable insights into the inclusivity of your jobs across your business.

However you use the RoleMapper platform, there are a host of features to help put you in control of processes, inclusive content creation and centralised reporting.

Five Steps to the Four-Day Week

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