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Understanding Flexible and Hybrid Working

RoleMapper Team
June 20, 2022

Identifying what flex works for your organisation can be fraught with complexities.

A solution that, on the surface, looks to be a win-win solution for your people and your business may not be quite as it seems when you start to look more closely. How teams define flex and hybrid may differ across the organisation. Not only that, but ensuring a fair and level playing field for all, without creating two-tier flex, is crucial for  increasing diverse hires.

Taking all this into consideration, what is the most effective way to implement flex or hybrid working strategies across the enterprise? How do you create fair flex that is inclusive to all?

Our Future of Work series has been designed to help you navigate and better understand this way of working, ensuring your organisation adopts the right ways of working for your business and gets you future fit for the new world of work.

Our series includes:

Five Steps to the Four-day Week

Is this the silver bullet we've all been waiting for? Not for every organisation. There are advantages and disadvantages to this way of working. We explain why.

Flexible Working Definitions - supporting flexible working policies

Are you grappling with identifying how your organisation implements the best flexible working solution? This guide helps you understand and define the right flex for your organisation.

Download our guides to flexible working

The building blocks of your workforce strategy.

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