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RoleMapper Breathe Week

RoleMapper Team
May 23, 2022

As we continue on our exhilarating journey of building RoleMapper, one of our priorities is to ensure that we take everyone’s health and wellbeing seriously. Growing a start-up takes a lot of dedication and hard work, all at an extremely fast pace.

At RoleMapper, we have an incredible team who are passionate and committed to our mission and growth. But intertwined in this crazy journey of growth, we have to remember that life still happens outside of work: children get sick, people move house, have birthdays, support friends and family, keep the house running….deal with the fall-out from covid….It can be exhausting.

As grateful and humbled as I am for the long hours and hard work from all the team, I am also really mindful that we need to look after ourselves and keep mentally and physically healthy on this journey. And to look after ourselves, sometimes we just need a bit of time. We just need a bit of time to pause. So, next week we’ve decided to halt the train for a moment. To stop and create some space for us all to breathe.

Next week, 23rd May, we are going to have a week of headspace, a moment of pause across the whole business. No calls, no demos, no emails, no meetings. A week where we just stop and have a chance to breathe. We will obviously all still be here for our customers to provide any support they might need on the platform.

But as for the rest of the time, we will be taking some well-deserved headspace to do things we have wanted to do but haven’t had time: develop code, solve those problems that we’d love to have the headspace to think about, do some geeky creative stuff or big picture thinking, do the exercise we’ve been wanting to do, have the long lunch we’ve been wanting to have, or simply spending the time in the moment without work distractions.

So, I wish you all a happy Breathe week and we’ll see you all recharged and raring to go on the 30th May!

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