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RoleMapper AI rapidly reduces the time, and cost, required to consolidate and update your job architecture framework, job catalogue or job descriptions

Getting your job architecture and job catalogue ‘house’ in order can be manual, slow and expensive.

The same applies to creating inclusive, compliant and de-biased job descriptions. With legislation increasing around pay transparency and pay equity, as well as fast-changing hiring strategies, organisations are at risk of falling behind due to outdated job structures and job descriptions.

Using proprietary AI, RoleMapper’s Job Architecture & Job Catalogue Transformation Service will:

  • Digitise and consolidate your job titles (from all sources) into a robust, future-focused, job architecture framework
  • Harmonise and rationalise job titles, families, and levels
  • Optimise your job documents for quality and inclusivity
  • Standardise job documents into customised templates
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Using proprietary AI, RoleMapper’s Standardisation & De-biasing Service will:

  • Digitise and consolidate your job documents into standardised templates
  • Harmonise and rationalise your job postings
  • Optimise your job postings for quality, inclusivity and SEO
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