OFCCP compliance with RoleMapper

Compliant job descriptions and effective reporting

For any organization working with U.S. federal government, compliance with OFCCP guidelines around workforce and hiring practices is essential. 

Our product brochure shows you how the RoleMapper platform can help you meet compliance measures.

Six steps to debiasing job descriptions

Create inclusive job descriptions that result in a motivated, inspired and diverse workforce

The process of job design sits at the heart of your ability to attract, retain and progress talent across your organisation. 


To explain why, we unpick the key elements of the job description process to show what conscious consideration actually means, and what debiasing and breaking down barriers looks like.

Breaking Bias

Debiasing roles with intelligent job design

Creating a more diverse organisation doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process, which, done well, can be transformative...and it all starts with job design.

In this guide, we look at how intelligent job design can help you overcome these challenges to create roles with inclusion at the core of your job profiles, descriptions and adverts.

Systemic Flexibility​

Designing flex into jobs, teams and workforce

Workforce flexibility is now more of a necessity than a nice-to-have, but as ‘normal’ working patterns resume, the switch-back to traditional working will trigger pressure for increased flexibility.

We look at the importance of operationalising flexible working requests and outline the pitfalls of not having a systematic approach to this way of working.


Diversity, inclusion and workplace flexibility are fast becoming an organisational imperative. Our webinars aim to give you the latest thinking on driving inclusion through intelligent job design.

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