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New Guide to Job Families

RoleMapper Team
February 20, 2024
Job Families guide

Job Families to help you control the job data chaos

For many organisations, job data and job content is chaotic, inconsistent and unstructured with no governance or overall management.

Many organisations exist as a long list of job titles that have been added to organically as the organisation has grown, changed, merged or acquired. If an organisation does have a job structure in place, it is often the case that a streamlined structure was implemented but, over time, this has been difficult to govern and manage.

In both scenarios, there is often a resulting state of chaos:

  • Hundreds of job titles, many just slight variations of others
  • The same job being given different titles in different teams or locations
  • The same title used for jobs that are fundamentally different
  • Different formats being used for job descriptions
  • Job levels all over the place
  • Inconsistencies in salary ranges across roles, business areas and regions
  • Surfacing Skills Requirements

Introducing a job family structure can help consolidate, review, cleanse and streamline your job data and job content. Once a job family framework is in place, it provides a solid foundation for many key organisational processes.

Josh Bersin refers to job families as “Guilds” or “Professional Groups” as roles are grouped on similar skills requirements. He recommends that each job family is owned by a capability leader, who is then responsible for keeping track of the skills and technologies that people in the group need, as well as making sure they are also aware of wider career options that utilise their skills.

RoleMapper's Guide to Job Families focuses on the importance of implementing a Job Family framework and its key benefits, which includes:

  • Simplified pay structures
  • Clearer career paths
  • Pay transparency
  • Pay equity
  • More accurate reporting
  • Making the move to a skills-based approach more effective
  • Workforce flexibility

We've also created a bank of Job Family examples to help bring a Job Family framework to life.

The building blocks of your workforce strategy.

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