Inclusive Job Adverts

Do you want to ensure your job advert templates are consistently high quality and bias-free? Do you want to create job adverts that make an impact?

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No more guessing games. Job adverts that work.

RoleMapper is an AI-powered job advert tool that helps you create high quality, inclusive job adverts in a matter of minutes. In just 5 minutes you can create fully optimised, high-impact content that opens you up to the widest talent pool.

You need to fill roles quickly and you want better value for your ad spend. We understand that. RoleMapper has a success rate of +80% CV to hire, which not only ensures ROI but means you are delivering great candidates every time.

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Diversity & Inclusion built-in

Improve diversity hiring with inclusive job adverts as standard. RoleMapper users have seen an 80% increase in diverse candidates applying for roles. Our built-in proprietary algorithms, sophisticated workflows and bias flags ensure that all jobs are designed inclusively to optimise talent and diversity.

Augmented writing technology

Struggling to write that perfect sentence? RoleMapper’s AI-powered content engine allows you to create job descriptions in minutes. Natural language processing and machine learning fast tracks the writing process, providing targeted content instantaneously.

Attract the best candidates

Even for hard-to-fill roles. RoleMapper’s library of job advert templates and examples are designed to make an impact, setting you apart from the competition. All our ads are fully optimised, incorporating the latest research and science in candidate attraction, helping you get that job noticed as quickly as possible.

Increased productivity

You want roles filled quickly. In just 5 minutes, you can create high quality, best practice job adverts that generate the best candidates, first time around.

Online Training

Access on-demand, best practice training on inclusive job adverts via our learning platform. Gain more knowledge and insights to take on a more consultative role with your stakeholders, ensuring you add more value to job briefings.

Download Our Inclusive Job Advert Toolkit

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Need help creating inclusive job adverts? Our job advert toolkit gives you everything you need:

- A guide to creating great job adverts
- Job advert template

What's the difference between a job advert and a job description?

Why RoleMapper?

We’re a team of experts from all areas of the HR, talent, diversity and HR Tech space. We understand the challenges organisations face when it comes to managing data and job documentation.

Through intelligent job design, delivered through the RoleMapper platform, we help organisations take control of the document and data chaos, while building inclusive workplaces.