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December focus: bias, jobs, diversity and educationism

Debiasing roles with intelligent job design

Our guide looks at how intelligent inclusive job design helps organisations 'break' bias, widen the talent pool and unlock diversity.

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Google breaks with educationism


Well done Google for removing degree requirements, one of the biggest barriers to diversity, inclusion and social mobility on job descriptions we see today. In the US only 34% of the working population actually has a degree and only 14% of college entrants are Black, of which only 38% graduate.


Here's our thinking on breaking bias around educationism

Educationism & lack of diversity impacting women in product management


Educationism and lack of diversity impacting women in Product Management


A fantastic piece by Deborah Liu on Diversity in product management. A once gender-balanced profession, it has seen a decline in women entering the industry. Why? It all boils down to skills, qualifications and language.


We explore this issue further in our blog on technical vs soft skills

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